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Christmas all around - day 1

Hello everyone, today we went to Canterbury Cathedral. We learnt a lot about the history of Canterbury and England. Firstly, we learnt that Canterbury Cathedral was a huge religious place but also important in England royalty. Different kings and queens were represented in the cathedral, like Henry VIII, Queen Victoria, but also Queen Elizabeth II whose statue is outside the Cathedral. Hundreds of years ago, the Cathedral was separated in two halves : one where everyone had access to the cathedral and another which was devoted to the priests.

In 1170, a bishop named Thomas Becket was savagely killed in the cathedral. King Henry II wanted to get rid of him. Becket's body was firstly put into the crypt for fifty years, and then moved into the cathedral. There is a legend about Thomas Becket which says that drinking a drop of his blood would cure any illness.

This visit was really interesting, and we are excited about what tomorrow will bring us.

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